About Day Hospital

The construction operation of Day Hospital started with its initial plan and complying with the compliance plan and with private ownership in 1364 with an infrastructure of 19656 square meters and in an area of 2879 thousand square meters with one block and was put into operation on January 14, 1369. Currently, Day Hospital, with 200 fixed beds and 196 active beds, operates as a first-class general hospital, in the ranks of one of the largest specialized and subspecialty centers in the country. This hospital aims to improve the level of specialized and super-specialized care and medical services and the latest devices and the most modern facilities in the whole country with high quality and special medical care in a standard and calm environment equal to the best international hospitals, for quality improvement The health level of the society was established by compiling hospital standards and providing the best possible models. A perspective on Di Hospital: Day Pishtaz hospital is a leader in the field of using new technologies of medical services, by providing unique super-specialized services, it has always been one step ahead of the defined facilities in the medical field in our country, and by attracting efficient staff and having doctors and professors at its disposal. The superiority and up-to-dateness of the hospital in the field of technology and science, to be recognized as the most prominent super-specialty hospital in the region. Moreover, the presence of prominent professors, experienced doctors and committed personnel has turned this specialized center into a point of hope for all patients in the field of treatment. The increase in satisfaction, respect, responsiveness and gaining the trust of patients and referrals of patients inside and outside the country is a proof of this claim.

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