Dr. Farhad Moussazadeh
Breast surgeon and specialist

The health of society depends on the health of women

Dr. Farhad Moussazadeh
Breast surgeon and specialist

The health of society depends on the health of women

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Dr. Farhad Moussazadeh

Breast surgeon and specialist

Why choose Dr.moussazadeh?

Dr. Farhad moussazadeh, with twenty-one years of experience and thousands of surgeries, especially in the fields of breast surgery, including: breast cancer surgery, oncoplasty, breast reconstruction, breast prosthesis, mammoplasty and thyroid surgery, with modern knowledge and experience gained in During these years, they are providing services to dear patients in the best possible way.

Is there a cure for

breast cancer?

Experience of breast cancer treatment by patients

In this section, you can read the memories and experiences of patients and heroes in the fight against cancer.

Is there a cure for cancer?

We beat cancer.

Cancer is a turning point in life.



What are oncoplastic surgeries?

The word oncoplastic is derived from the two words enco (meaning cancer) and plastic (meaning beauty and repair); The purpose of these surgeries is to synchronize breast cosmetic surgeries in the treatment of breast cancer. Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy (NSM) is the latest development in mastectomy surgery.

Comments of


treatment process



Choosing surgical technique

Treatment planning

Reconstruction and follow-up after the operation



He is currently performing surgery in Bahman and Day Hospitals

You can visit our contact section to book an appointment and to know about visiting the clinic and hospitals in person.

The fellowship course is considered a highly specialized course for breast specialists and increases the skill of breast surgeons with a scientific and experimental perspective.

Dr. moussazadeh is a breast surgery fellowship and a general surgery specialist and performs all breast cosmetic surgeries with 21 years of experience and modern knowledge. To see the sample before and after the surgery, visit the office.



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