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About Dr. Farhad Moussazadeh.

Dr. Farhad Mouszadeh was born in 1348 in Tehran. After completing secondary education at Kamal High School, in 1366, they were accepted into the field of general medicine at Kerman University of Medical Sciences. During their general medical studies, they studied with prominent professors such as Dr. Alireza Sotoudenejad, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Daei, Dr. Pedram Nik Nafs, Dr. Mohammad Ali Emami Meybodi, Dr. Mohammad Taqi Yasmi, Dr. Bahram Yaghmai, Dr. Parviz Dabiri, Dr. Mohsen Khoda Rahmi, the late Dr. Hossein Sandgul and… finished in 1373 and then specialized studies in the field of general surgery from 1380 to 1384 at the university Iranian medical sciences were studied by respected professors of surgery such as Dr. Behzad Nakhai, Dr. Shahram Nazerani, Dr. Ali Jalali, Dr. Shadarvan, Dr. Mohammad Ali Qaraian, Dr. Dariush Ravari, Dr. Majid Meshakgo, Dr. Rasul Azizi, etc. During the residency period with laparoscopy professors, Dr. Fahimi and Dr. Saidi Motahar, they started minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy) and completed advanced laparoscopy courses at the laparoscopic surgery center of Iran University of Medical Sciences. Since 1381, they have been working in D hospital with Dr. Majid Zarisfi, Dr. Mostafa Hashemi, Dr. Kamran Najafi, and Dr. Parviz Kashkouli, and since 1386, they have been working as assistants in the field of cancer and breast surgery under the honorable professor Dr. Morteza. They have a fragrance.

The list of surgeries performed by Dr. Farhad Moussazadeh.:

Therapeutic surgeries and breast cancer

Breast cosmetic surgery

Abdominal surgeries

Endocrine surgeries

Certificates of Dr. Farhad Moussazadeh

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